Bahamian Bonefish

Published on Jul 21, 2015 by Editor in chief

Footage from a fly fishing trip to North Andros Island in the Bahamas. None of us had ever set foot in the Bahamas, or seen a bonefish in real life. I think the trip was hatched at the bar when we were half in the bag after a few Founders IPA’s as one of those “we should totally do that…” moments that are rarely remembered through the next morning’s hangover. Flash forward 3 months and we’re standing in the sand staring out at miles of ocean flats with a nine foot fly rod that suddenly seemed incredibly worthless in the face of a 25mph wind, wondering what the hell we got ourselves into.
We have to thank Benry Smith and Shawn Riley, two of the best guides I’ve ever fished with, and who had their work cut out for them giving us a crash course in bonefishing. We learned more in one day with them than we could’ve in five years of stumbling around the flats on our own. I also want to thank my friends for indulging me in my amateur film making. It’s fine guys.