Egg Layers Cometh

Published on Apr 29, 2015 by Editor in chief

A couple weeks back we shared a video from a day that we’d hoped to have timed egg laying stonefly action. We were early. Flash forward to April 28 and near record setting heat for Alberta, Canada and we couldn’t miss. The stoneflies were everywhere. So were the rising fish. We took the time to video two runs during our day. Taking the time to shoot on a day like this one was tough, but we wanted to share just how these kinds of days can be. While we mention early black stones (late winter black) that we had success on earlier in the day, this video focusses on the much larger skwala stones that started to egg lay mid to late afternoon. We’re early in the year and the skwalas are just getting rolling. We still have the best 1/2 of the skwala season, the salmonfly hatch and the golden stonefly hatch to come during the stonefly season, not to mention the yellow and lime sallies of summer. We look at a whole host of things in this video and there are ample subtle hints to fishing this hatch in the video.