Fly Tying Caddis Pupa – AP Fly Tying

Published on Oct 15, 2018 by Editor in chief

Welcome to my Fly Tying Videos which i hope you and enjoy and learn some new techniques. There are many videos on my channel which include patterns for Rainbow Trout fishing, River Fishing, Grayling Bugs, Stillwater Trout Fishing, and other Various Trout, Grayling and Salmon Flies. So sit back relax and Enjoy.

Material List

Hook – Partridge Caddi/Sedge #10
Body – Deer Creek Supa Suede
Underbody – Hares Ear Plus Dubbing
Rib – Hends Black Wire
Breathers – Olive Ostrich
Hood – Nymph Skin
Thorax Dubbing – Hares Ear and Veniards Glister Dubbing
Wing Case – use Partridge or any dark soft feather
Legs – Pheasant Tail
Cloak – CDC
Eyes 40lb Mono

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