Gartside’s Soft Hackle Streamer – streamer fly tying

Published on Dec 14, 2017 by Editor in chief

Paying my respect to a true master of fly tying and flyfishing, the late great Jack Gartside. If I had to choose just one streamer fly for the rest of my days of fishing, Jack’s Soft Hackle Streamer would come out on top. You can wrap up a dozen of these in an hour and they will catch just about any predator out there. In this video I tie Jack’s original version and a variation with jungle cock sides instead of a mallard hackle.

Important tying tip: The main material is blood quill marabou, which combines volume with a spey-like character. It’s important that all feathers in a soft hackle streamer are tied in by the butt end – not the tip.

Read more about the Soft Hackle Streamer on this link:

And watch another version, where i combine marabou and schlappen hackle on this:

I tie this in many different color combinations. What is your favourite color combo for a Soft Hackle Streamer?