Golden Dorado and Tucunare fly tying instructions by Ruben Martin

Published on Sep 20, 2018 by Ruben Martin

MORENA german / yellow grizzly

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Fishhook: Ahrex Predator
eyes: Ruben Martin Predator eyes 10 mm
tail: 4 grizzly yellow schlappen feathers, the two inner longest. Pearl and red flash.
body: yellow craft fur and pearl and red flash.
belly: craft fur red
Loin: black craft fur.

Prey fish are the staple food for most predatory fish, the characteristics of the environment have carved during evolution to each species, prey or predator, or even both in the same.
This fly that was born with the name of Morena, for its original model and its ability to imitate this South American fish that is an important food for the great Golden Dorado that inhabit the South American waters and for which La Morena proved to be one of the best decoys since I touch the water.
La Morena has an ideal format to imitate prey fish in any type of water … slow or fast, with high or low visibility.
This is possible because it combines silhouette, movement, a large production of low frequencies and a great versatility of colors and combinations that give a very acceptable realistic appearance without sacrificing other aspects.
In its normal sizes, which are usually the hooks nro 4/0 to 6/0, it is convenient to use it with powerful and short leaders, short torpedo lines and tapers that allow a high energy transmission, generally in weights of 285 to 350 grains.
For your casting it is always advisable to perform controlled and open loops, which will allow us to cast more fluidly and with less effort, in addition to improving the presentation.