Guinea Dragon

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Dragonfly nymphs are aggressive predators that, depending on the family and species, spend up to four years or longer as nymphs.
Capable of attaining large sizes dragon nymphs such as the Guinea Dragon in sizes 4 through 10 make excellent patterns choices all season long.

Dragon nymphs such as the Guinea Dragon are personal favorites during the late summer when most species hatch and during the summer doldrums. Smaller patterns are also excellent during the late fall.

I fish this pattern most often using slow sinking lines such as the RIO In Touch Camolux or In Touch Deep 3. A steady hand twist punctuated with the odd strip or a 3-4 inch strip-pause retrieve works well. Please check out mine and Brian Chan’s Stillwater App for additional information.

Stillwater Fly Fishing App

Guinea Dragon-Designed by Kevin Longard

Hook: Daiichi 1730 #6-#8
Thread: MFC 6/0, Olive or UTC 140, Olive
Tail: Peacock Herl
Under Body: Poly Yarn or Phentex
Body: Chenille, Large Peacock Olive
Legs: Guinea, Olive
Thorax: Chenille, Large Peacock Olive
Eyes: Mono, Black, Medium
Head: Arizona Synthetic Peacock

Material & Product Sources
Daiichi 1730 Stonefly Nymph Hook:
Peacock Olive Chenille:
Regal Vise:
Dr. Slick Scissors:
Dr. Slick Whip Finisher:
Dr. Slick Bodkin:
Rite Ceramic Bobbin:

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