How to tie a Saltwater Popper Fly

Published on Oct 16, 2014 by Editor in chief

This Fly Tying Video shows how to tie a Sheet Foam Popper Fly and the pattern is tied with tan foam to imitate a shrimp popping on the surface. I came up with this Saltwater Popper when I ran out of popper bodies with no hope to find more. By using sheet foam for my popper heads, I am able to make my Popper Flies bigger, experiment with different shapes, use different hooks and include weed guards. A Sheet Foam Popper is my favorite popper to use in Louisiana and Florida. This top water fly is the best at making noise and throwing water all over. Furthermore, if you lose it, you can go tie another one! If you would like to tie up a bunch of Popper Flies and see if you can catch fish with them, look me up, I know where a whole bunch of big fish that will eat them live.

Check out this fishing video, “Louisiana Redfish on a Popper Fly”