Maligne Lake Day Two-Hockey Heroes

Published on Sep 10, 2018 by

Good friend Ryan and I are once again chasing rainbows and brookies Alberta’s spectacular Maligne Lake. Ryan is a former Maligne Lake guide and on this adventure, we have some fun matching former hockey heroes to match our numbers of landed and released trout. Small chironomid patterns proved the right choice in Maligne’s crystal clear water.

Don’t forget to check out the tying videos and tips on my channel. We fished a number of my featured patterns. Mine and Brian Chan’s Stillwater Fly Fishing App also provides additional detail for some of the specific presentation techniques and tactics we used on this trip. Check out the links below to the specific flies that worked best for us and to download and subscribe to the Stillwater Fly Fishing app.

Phil & Brian’s Stillwater Fly Fishing App

Tying Instructions for the flies we used
Guns n Roses Variant:
Black Sally:

Some of the Gear and Flies We Were Using
Mystic M-Series Fly Rod:
Quick Release Indicators:
RIO InTouch Trout/Steelhead Indicator Fly Line:
RIO Fluoroflex Plus Fluorocarbon Tippet:
RIO Indicator Leader:
Stillwater Flies-Chironomids:
Phil & Brian’s Stillwater Fly Fishing Store:

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