Scierra – Mile High

Published on Oct 11, 2016 by Editor in chief

We travel, for a lot of different reasons. When I travel to fish, I often bring far too many rods, to be on the safe side….. When I travel for work, or on a private “no fishing trip” (with my family), I like to bring one or two rods, just in case…… I know for a fact that I’m not the only one and now Scierra is going to make things easier for all of us: We have designed five brand new SIX piece rods that, even in their tubes, will measure less than 50 centimeters. This series of single hand rods from # 4 to # 8 has been named “Mile High”, not because of any personal experiences, but because when flying, you need to get closer to the sky to reach your target, AND because it’s a name to remember. The actions are deep and the bending curves are smooth, but the recovery speeds are fast. These rods are just like modern super cars – well behaved and civilized on some occasions, but their “inner beasts” are just waiting for the situations where you need that little extra. It’s all there for you and you’re welcome!

• Deep actions with short stroke lengths
• Built on 40T Japanese Carbon materials
• The best Portuguese cork available
• Custom-made ALPS reel seats
• Pacific Bay lightweight stripping and
snake guides
• All components are saltwater resistant
• Single hand travel rods in 6 sections
• Supplied in quality cloth bag and carry tube