Published on Jan 18, 2017 by Editor in chief

A quick weekend respite from the terrible weather we’ve been having in Wellington this summer.

Nestled on a high plateau in the central North Island of New Zealand, this small, shallow lake offers up so many moods in an amazingly barren, but beautiful surround under the shadow of an active volcano.

The fish are large, averaging around 2.5 – 3kgs or (5 – 6.5lb). Whilst most anglers utilise boats. I enjoy the challenges of fishing it from the shore, it’s hard, and never gives up it’s fish easy, but they make up for it in satisfaction once one slides into the net.

Looking for tails waggling on the muddy flats and intercepting with a well placed cast is heart pounding stuff.

The big fish over 8lbs eluded us this trip, but they were there…

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