Provider flyline

Published on Oct 17, 2016 by Editor in chief

These Long Belly lines are designed solely for aesthetic reasons. For true fly line nerds, there is nothing more beautiful than a narrow looped fly cast that for a frozen moment seems drawn by God’s own hand. Fortunately, the same traits ensuring long flights and breath taking turnovers will also help you present flies to fish that normally would be way outside your range and secure am azingly controlled and precise presentations to fish a little closer than that. The heads are long enough to extend your normal range, but short enough to include most fly fishers over their first fumbling casting stages. Welcome to the undivided joy of casting an outstanding fly line.

• Perfect lines for wider rivers,
lakes and reservoirs
• Line Indication Print
• Total Length 30.2m
• Head Length 14m
• Color Level Part: White
• Color Head Part: Light Green