Sneak Peek – RIO’s new InTouch Single Handed Spey 3D line

Published on Jul 17, 2017 by Editor in chief

RIO’s Wayne Peterson introduces the new InTouch Single Handed Spey 3D line, a line built for extremely easy roll and Spey casting, as well as being a fantastic overhead casting line.

This new line is an “F/H/I” density – meaning it is a floating line with 10ft of “Hover” sinking line (sinks at 1 inch per second) and then 10ft of intermediate sinking line (2 inches per second) at the front. This triple density coating allows for effortless energy transfer during the cast, as well as fantastic contact with the fly in the water. It is ideal for swinging soft hackles or streamers on a river, and a phenomenal lake line for fishing between 2ft and 4ft in depth.

The line will be available from August 1st 2017, in WF3 to WF8 sizes.