Sparkle Emerger Variant

Published on Feb 24, 2017 by Tim Cammisa

Gary LaFontaine did an incredible job when creating his Sparkle Emerger, and my variant pays homage to the original. You’ll notice some “modern” materials in this fly, hence why it’s becoming a “go to” pattern for me during caddis hatches. Additionally, there are some intermediate to advanced fly tying techniques shown in this video, hopefully pushing all of you to be better tyers. Thanks for viewing and I hope you enjoy this Sparkle Emerger Variant.

Hook: Hanak H333BL; #14
Thread: UNI 6/0; Camel
Pupal Shuck: Antron; camel
Body: UNI-Flexx; Camel
Legs: CDC; natural
Wing: Hen fibers (Alsdorf Genetic)
Thorax: Tan dubbing

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