Steve Potter: Swimming Baitfish

Published on Jul 09, 2018 by Editor in chief

Steve Potter: Swimming Baitfish

For the last ten years, Steve has demonstrated his tying skills in Oregon, Idaho, Montana and California at Federation of Fly Fishing events. He has tied at the International sportsman’s Expositions in Sacramento, San Mateo and Pleasanton, California. Steve has also tied at the Fly Fishing Show in San Rafael, California.

Steve enjoys fly fishing the California Delta for Largemouth and Striped Bass. He also takes pleasure in fishing the neighboring Sierra’s for various species of trout. He is a member of the Tracy Fly Fishers, enjoying the club functions, speakers and the camaraderie of its members. He is a proud member of the

Steve Potter

-Hook: Daiichi 2546
-Thread: Gudebrod GX2 or Danville’s Flat Waxed Nylon 210 Denier
-Body: SF blend White Botton, Tan Top
-Head: Stacked Deer Hair or Cow Elk Whit on Bottom, Tan top

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