The Easy Grand Slam Crab Permit fly

Published on Dec 07, 2015 by Editor in chief

Step by step instructions for a straight forward improved merkin style crab that has already accounted for a few slams and some other species too. you can alter the colour and body width to make a mantis shrimp imitation if you like or stick with the standard crab shape.
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Hook: Gamakatsu SC15 (#1/0 – #2)
Thread: UTC Ultra Thread 140 Denier Chartreuse green
Claws: Grizzly Marabou
Flash: Pearl Polar Flash
Eyes: Mono eyes
Keel: 16-20 lb mono
Weight: Keel: 4 brass/tungsten beads (depending on the depth) 2,5mm – 3,5mm | Head: medium brass eyes
Body: tan/sand/olive EP Fibre
Legs: any kinds of silli legs