The Frenchie Jig Nymph

Published on Oct 13, 2014 by Tim Cammisa

In this fly tying tutorial, I demonstrate the techniques used to tie Lance Egan’s Frenchie nymph. This effective pattern has been gaining popularity over the last few years, and with good reason: It catches trout! I offer a number of variations, inlcuding tying the fly on a jig hook, which will certainly appeal to many crowds, such as those in Euro or Czech-style nymph fishing and competition anglers. Feel free to share your own variations of this fly in the “Comments” section of this YouTube page.

Featured in this video are the J100BL jig hooks by Allen Fly Fishing. This hook will ride point up, thus ensuring that you will have less snags when fishing weighted patterns. You can find this hook, and many more, at the following link:

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