Tie Like a Pro – Head Designs – Articulating Flies

Published on Oct 25, 2017 by Editor in chief

Part 2 of Episode 4 is all about Articulating Flies! The Articulating Fly style is one of the most deadly and versatile styles in the modern streamer game and this episode is all about breaking down the physics of how and why they work. In this episode we explore Hook properties and considerations, attaching lead eyes and the purpose behind the weight, water push vs. water drag based on material selection and density, as well as 3 tying examples including Kelly Galloup’s Sex Dungeon Head, a Stacked Dubbing Head, and a Strung Fuzzy Fiber Head.

Attaching Lead Eyes: 7:40
Dungeon Head Discussion and Materials: 11:30
Dungeon Head: 13:20
Wool/Dubbing Discussion: 34:12
Wool/Dubbing Stacking: 37-ish
Strung Fuzzy Fiber: 46:45

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