Vicarious Dream

Published on Dec 20, 2014 by Editor in chief

Please Read our special note of thanks before viewing!

Coming into 2014 we’d made the decision to switch up our lives, change careers, and go a different route in the fly fishing world. We bought and published the Alberta Fishing Guide Magazine in 2014 – Alberta’s annual Fishing Magazine that’s chok-full of information. We relinquished our roles as river fly fishing guides through Fly Fish Alberta and lodge owners at Fortress Lake Retreat.

This year we made the decision to produce video also. Back in 2012 we produced “Sight-Fishing Trout Rivers”, a 65 minute video production on exactly that topic. It’s available through our website. Its success encouraged us and in 2014 we took the plunge and finally produced our first video-book “Stripped Down: The Brown Trout Project”. This 4 hr production (available on DVD and VOD) has been well received and chronicles essentially what we know to be true in broad and specific experience and applications through our years fly fishing, guiding, and video-recording brown trout. Well over a decade of filming was needed to produce and capture support footage for this. It too is available through our website, fly shops in Calgary, as well as various Orvis stores in the USA.

All this to say that our transition in 2014 was extremely successful thanks specifically to your support. It’s contrite these days to fluff people up with Social Media Thanks. This is legitimate. Without the support of everyone who has purchased a copy of the Sight-Fishing or Stripped Down video projects, had a hand in review of our efforts along the way, we simply couldn’t devote our lives to fly fishing, to taking our trips to New Zealand, to fly fish Alberta through the year. Your support means so much to us. We trust our video has inspired you to get out fly fishing, to get through cold winters, or maybe take your mind off troubles as mental escape. We get those aspects, which is why we continue to produce and share short video on the internet. We know that not everyone can be on the water, where no doubt you’d love to be right now. Hopefully video like this one help in the mean time. This was the third of 3 nice browns we caught from this shoulder of this pool Dave landed two six-pound browns before Amelia stepped up. It certainly didn’t look the size it turned out to be. The entire experience brought home how wonderful fly fishing is, how much it can be enjoyed and shared. Hopefully you feel a part of this video because your support is inter-twined in its creation. Thank You!

Dave & Amelia Jensen